Reinstate a Chapter

Official Procedures to Start or Reinstate a Chapter of Alpha Eta Rho

1. Secure at least ten interested students who wish to become charter members of the new or reinstated chapter.

2. Write a constitution and by-laws, including the selection of 2-3 Greek letters as the proposed chapter designator.

3. Secure a written statement from a school official affirming the new or reinstated chapter will be a recognized student organization on campus.

4. Write a formal letter to the National Office, requesting that an Official Charter is granted to the new or reinstated chapter.

Submit the Following Documents to the National Office:

  • Formal Letter to the National Office
  • Full Names of the Charter Members
  • Copy of the Constitution and By-Laws
  • Written Statement from a School Official

5. Upon approval of the formal request by the National Board of Directors, the National Executive Director will coordinate arrangements for a representative of the National Office to visit your campus and formally present the official charter and install all charter members with the Fraternity Ritual.

Costs incurred with the initiation are generally borne by the chapter.

6. The National Initiation Fee of $35.00 per charter member should then be sent to the National Office, along with a typed letter specifying the date of initiation and full names of each charter member as they should appear on the official membership documents.

Specified information should be sent to the National Office at least five weeks prior to the initiation so that all initiation materials can be ordered and delivered in time for the ceremony.

National Office
4579 Laclede Ave - Suite 1929
St. Louis, Missouri 63108
Office: (877) 410-1929