Members of Alpha Eta Rho originate from all corners of the globe, united by their common passion for aviation.  Our strength is derived from over 60,000 members, with over 35,000 alumni actively engaged in aviation and aerospace endeavors worldwide.  Each of these members is expected to exhibit leadership, professionalism, and commitment. All membership into Alpha Eta Rho begins in a college or university where students will be introduced to basic chapter functions, local aviation events, and professional development opportunities.  As students progress, they will become thoroughly involved in chapter operations with options to pursue large scale co-ops to increase aviation awareness and access.  Additionally, students with exceptional abilities will be encouraged to run for national officer positions where they can further enhance the membership experience for others. As alumni members of Alpha Eta Rho go forth into the industries of aviation and aerospace, they are encouraged to continue their work for us.  Alumni members hold the key to fostering students through a successful college career and into the global workforce.  Additionally, our alumni membership provides a method to stay in touch with long lost comrades across the industry.

Chapter Events

All chapters of Alpha Eta Rho are expected to operate at a high degree of independence to encourage maximum student leadership.  This freedom allows chapter events to vary somewhat between universities, although common chapter events such as fly ins, intramural sports, plane washes, etc. provide a small sampling of what we do.  Additionally, almost all chapters participate in aviation outreach programs to inspire youth interest in aviation/aerospace. As a professional organization, Alpha Eta Rho strives to maintain and promote the highest moral standards and steadfastly affirms its membership to all, not dependent upon race, religion, nationality, or sex.

Co-Op Events

Many chapters will often team up with other organizations such as AOPA, Boy Scouts of America, WAI, St. Jude, etc. to increase resources and community impact.  By helping with a Co-Op project, an individual chapter can exponentially develop the progress of mutual goals.

National Events

The National Office of Alpha Eta Rho organizes several large scale events for our student and alumni members.  Our own National Conference is an annual way for students, alumni, and board members to shape Alpha Eta Rho as the years go by. Alpha Eta Rho, together with Frasca Flight Simulation puts on an exclusive membership fly-in late September of every year.  This event includes flight competitions, camping, fundraising opportunities, and team building aspects.  Frasca provides world class hospitality for all attendees along with factory and museum tours. College Park/EAA Oshkosh AirVenture is an opportunity for the national student officers of Alpha Eta Rho to organize events and activities for all university groups in attendance.  The college park area also serves as a meet-up area for student and alumni members to facilitate networking and continued interaction. Additionally, be sure to look for Alpha Eta Rho officers at all major aviation conferences and shows such as NBAA, WAI, Sun N Fun, Heli Expo, and much more.