New Member Registration

Attention All Chapters of Alpha Eta Rho:

Effective as of August 15, 2017, the New Member Initiation Fee will be $35.00 for the first ACADEMIC SEMESTER of membership. The chapter Treasurer will submit a list of any/all new members along with the remittance when ordering membership materials from the National Executive Director in the Fall and/or Spring.

Please use the following form to submit any roster of "NEW" AHP Members who have been, or will be, initiated during the current academic year. Be sure to collect phone numbers and email addresses of all new members. 

DEFINITION OF NEW MEMBERS: The AHP National Office classifies "NEW" AHP Members to be those members who have not received Official AHP Membership Materials (i.e. AHP Membership Certificate, Membership Card, Wings, etc.). Therefore, any active student member who claims to have been initiated but cannot render proof of membership must pay New Member Initiation Fee of $35.00 and be formally submitted by his/her AHP Chapter using the following form.

The National Office of Alpha Eta Rho has modified its dues structure as follows:


- Official AHP Membership Certificate
- Official AHP "Wings" Membership Pin
- Official AHP Membership Card
- Official AHP Decals
- NEW AHP Challenge Coin ($25 Value)

Please complete the Certificate Ordering Form below to order New Member Packages. Ensure that the names of the new members are spelled correctly, as the exact spelling provided will be used on the AHP Membership Certificates. By clicking "Submit Order", you will be directed to the New Member Package Checkout Form. Please select the appropriate quantity of New Member Packages based on the number of new members you submitted. If your chapter is unable to pay via PayPal or credit card, please select "Paying by Check" and contact the Executive Director.

If "Paying by Check", please send to:

Attn: Executive Director
4579 Laclede Ave - Suite 1929
Saint Louis, MO 63108

New Member Submission & Certificate Ordering Form