Update Chapter Roster & Pay Annual Member Dues

Update Chapter Roster & Pay Annual Member Dues

Attention All Chapters of Alpha Eta Rho:

The Annual Dues Fee effective as of April 26, 2013 is set at $50.00/Year per active chapter member. Per the National Bylaws (Article VII. Section 3), all AHP Chapters must each SEMESTER submit an updated membership roster and pay 1/2 ($25.00) of Annual Member Dues per active member to the AHP National Office. Undergraduate Chapter Treasurers are responsible for remitting the first 1/2 ($25.00) of the Annual Member Dues no later than October 1st and the second 1/2 ($25.00) of the Annual Member Dues no later than March 1st of each calendar school year to the National Executive Director for all active members of their Chapters.

PLEASE NOTEUse this form ONLY to submit the current roster of members who have been initiated and received membership materials from the AHP National Office. Use the “New Member Submission & Certificate Ordering Form” to order membership materials and pay New Member Dues of $35.00 for groups of new members initiated at any time during the academic year.

ACTIVE MEMBER DUES: $25.00 Per Semester

By clicking “Submit Roster & Pay National Dues”, you will be directed to the Active Member Dues Checkout Form. Please ensure the quantity of Active Member Dues in your cart matches the quantity of members you have submitted. If your chapter is unable to pay via PayPal or credit card, please select “Paying by Check” and contact the Executive Director.

If “Paying by Check”, please send to:

Attn: Executive Director
4579 Laclede Ave – Suite 1929
Saint Louis, MO 63108