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Wings of Hope - Seneca III

Wings of Hope - Seneca III

Alpha Eta Rho (AHP) and Wings of Hope (WoH) have joined forces to raise funds for a new Air Ambulance for the WoH Medical Relief and Air Transport (MAT) Program!

Wings of Hope has won every major award since their founding in 1962 – including two Nobel Peace Prize nominations! Their work spans the globe in 47+ countries as they devote strictly Humanitarian efforts towards helping their fellow man become more self-sufficient. Specifically:

- Access to Basic Healthcare

- Educational Programs

- Sustainable Food and Water

- Human Conflict Resolution

- Community Development

We work very hard to ensure that 90%+ of all funds go to Program Services. Together, with our worldwide volunteers, we help the poor to NOT NEED charity. We are honored to have over 600+ volunteers here in St. Louis, MO and 3,000+ volunteers worldwide!

How the Partnership Benefits the MAT Program:

The Partnership between AHP and WoH is to raise funds strictly designated for the WoH American MAT Program. 100% of proceeds will purchase and outfit a Piper Seneca III as a new Air Ambulance. This Seneca III will help thousands of children living in communities all over the US with major health issues or complex birth defects. WoH MAT Program helps marginalized and very sick people find and get to life saving healthcare, 85% who are children.

The MAT Program is the only one of its type in the U.S.A. Specifically it:

- Researches All State-of-the-Art Treatments

- Provides Referral Information to the Parents

- Makes Any Needed Inquiries for Access to Treatment Programs

- Transports Patients Using a WoH Air Ambulance Properly Equipped and Staffed by Certified Airborne Medical Crews and Professional Pilots

- Totally Free of Cost!

Most kids love planes... These kids NEED them!!! The MAT Program Helps Kids Like:

Ben was born with stubs for his thumbs and pinkie fingers, and no other fingers. The doctors at Children's Hospital in St. Louis are working to elongate the bones in Ben's thumb and pinky finger on his right hand so that he will eventually be able to grasp things like a pencil. He travels from Folsom, Louisiana and is a veteran flyer with Wings of Hope.

Anna was born with displacement of her hips. Wings of Hope transports her to St. Louis for the multiple treatments she requires. She'll soon be able to play like the other kids. She says she wants to be a nurse when she grows up.

The Challenge for AHP Chapters & Alumni:

Each AHP Chapter is being asked to implement at least one fund raising activity during the school year (Oct. 2014-May 2015) and any activity or event is acceptable. Wings of Hope has many volunteer staff who specialize in events and can help design whatever event you would like that not only helps these sick children, but ALSO helps AHP to have greater visibility in the surrounding communities and nationwide. They can even provide prizes and ‘challenges’ and assist in garnering community support. Please CLICK HERE to see a list of suggestions for easy-to-do, local fund raising events for each Chapter to consider. 

Each participating Chapter will receive a one-year FREE Membership in Wings of Hope. Each Chapter will receive newsletters describing their worldwide work, using aviation to help make the world a better place.

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Wikipedia: Wings of Hope Charity


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Anyone Wishing to Donate an Airplane to AHP Can Do So Through Wings of Hope!!

AHP Will Receive 50% of Its Realized Value ...  AND .... 50% Will Go Towards This Great WoH Partnership to Save American Kids' Lives!

NOTE: Wings of Hope Also Accepts Donations of Personal Property Other Than Aircraft. 

Please Consider Making a Donation Today!

Individual Members and Friends and Family members of AHP can also help these remarkable kids. Make a donation of any size ($10.00 minimum) by clicking the following button: Donate Today

You also can host a small fund raiser to help these sick kids – just contact Ron Keeven: 314-724-2327 at Wings of Hope.

All contributors will receive a one-year FREE Membership in Wings of Hope and continuous updates on the status of this effort.

We need to raise $120,000 to purchase and outfit this Seneca III as an Air Ambulance. It will include the life support equipment and stretcher capability. So please make every effort to do your very best. Assistance, ideas and details are available – all you have to do is ask.

Contact Anthony Johnson, National Executive Director of AHP at 877-410-1929, or Ron Keeven, Manager of Organizational Partnerships, at rkeeven@wings-of-hope.biz. We are ready to make this campaign a success!

Stay tuned for further updates!!

AHP Wings of Hope Seneca III

AHP Wings of Hope Seneca III

Reach Our Goal and Wings of Hope will Display Our AHP Wings on the Side of the Plane! The Picture Displayed Above is a Rendering of What the Placement May Look Like on a Seneca III.