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Start a Chapter

Procedures to Start a New Chapter

1. Secure at a minimum 10 interested students who wish to become charter members of the new Chapter. 
Provide a list of new members names, email address and phone number.

​Designate the new members who will be acting as the Officers of your Chapter.

2. Write by-laws, including the selection of 2-3 Greek Letters as the proposed chapter designation. 
Include a section stating, “To adhere to and operate under total and complete compliance with all your University Policies, Procedures, Programs, Funding, Alcohol and Drug Policies, Membership requirements of the University or Colleges Student Government Association or the governing agency for student organizations on your campus”.

3. Submit the following letters of support to the National Board of Directors.
Secure a written statement from a school official affirming the Chapter will be a recognized student organization on campus.

Provide a letter of support from the Faculty Advisor.

Write a formal request letter to the National Board of Directors requesting that an Official Charter is granted to the new chapter.

4. Upon approval of the formal request of becoming a Chapter by the National Board of Directors, the National Executive Director will coordinate initiation information and instructions.

5. The Initiation Fee is $40.00 per charter member and are collected and submitted online.
Each member will receive an official Challenge Coin, AHP Wings and Membership Certificate.

Please allow at least three (3) weeks between submitting the online form with payment and the Chapters Initiation.

Submit all requested documents via email to the National Executive Director,