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If registering as an alumni member who was active since 2022, please use the same email address you used while active. Questions and support can be forwarded to

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Lifetime Membership
LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. The Lifetime Membership donation shall be kept in a separate interest-bearing investment account as part of a permanent endowment to the Alpha Eta Rho Education Foundation. Only interest from this investment may be used to further the causes of Alpha Eta Rho, its scholarship and academic activities. Lifetime Membership shall be available for a minimum one-time donation of $1,000.00. Alpha Eta Rho Education Foundation is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all moneys donated to this endowment shall be tax deductible. Lifetime Memberships shall be recognized by membership in the Alpha Eta Rho "Red Baron Society", a Limited-Edition All-Black Challenge Coin, a Lifetime Membership Certificate, and permanent recognition on the Lifetime Membership Page.

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